How eSoubory works?

eSoubory allow users to search files from all czech and slovak share servers. Searching is provided for free.
Some servers allow direct downloading from eSoubory after purchasing credits (pricing).

How to download a file?

To download a file use our search engine and than click the "download" button. Other option is to insert direct file link from other servers (here).

Why downloads cost more on some share servers then on others?

Some share servers have higher prices, therefore for some files you will be charged more credits then for others.

I paid, but didn't get my credits. What to do?

Please contact our support.

I didn't recieve my activation email, what to do?

First check your email "SPAM" folder. If its not there, contact our support.

Downloading failed, what can I do?

First try to download the same file again. If the issue persist, send us the link for that file. You are allowed to download the same file within 3 hours again free of charge. You can also try to download file with jDownloader.